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Advantages of Electric Cars

Advantages of electric cars: why and how they’re worth it 10 January 2022 | Stephen Marcus | Ovo Energy If you want to make a difference for the planet, as well as have an impact on emissions in your local area, then you might have already considered making the switch to electric These days, it’s […]

Green Tourism

Have you considered a Green Tourism check on your business? More and more accommodation, attractions and events in England are becoming aware of green issues and are acting more responsibly in their businesses. But how can you be sure that businesses that ‘say’ they’re green, really are green?  It’s easy, look out for green (or […]

So You’ve Gone Electric


SO. YOU’VE GONE electric and bought an EV. Congratulations. You are probably excited about your new purchase and want to get out  and see what it can do. But that’s probably not why you bought your EV, right? – You’re an early adopter and you wanted to see what all the fuss is about. – Or […]